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Forget the sensitive skin woes with our gentle microneedling treatment that brings great energy and glowing confidence. Featuring a unique serum penetration design, the 0.25mm dermaroller resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin like never before. This is an excellent way to ease into microneedling and stimulate cell turnover, plump up the lips, reverse eye aging, and increase serum absorption.


▪️Designed for sensitive skin and beginners’ practice.

▪️Gentle to be used on the Eye Area, excluding eyelids.

▪️Enhances serum penetration into the skin for maximum effectiveness.

▪️Stimulates collagen and elastin production at the cellular level.


Recommended use twice weekly, can be used every day for advanced users*


•A Fungal skin infection



•Skin cancer

•Raised or suspicious moles/warts

•Open wounds

•Cystic acne

Gin Amber Dermaroller 0.25MM

  • Item must be sealed and in new condition. Customer is responsible for return and return shipping fees. Once the item has been received a confirmation email will be sent and a decision will be made to determine whether or not the return has been accepted. In the case return is accepted a full or partial refund will be made.

    Customer has 30 days from purchases date to return item.

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